7 Crazy Stomach Churning Habits

Crazy Toenails

54 year old Ayanna has been addicted to growing her toenails for five years with the longest measuring more than six inches, she considers each of them her babies. She has Diabetes and her friends day that her fear of someone standing on her toes is restricting her exercise, possibly making her diabetes worse. Her friends think that if she cuts her nails it could be exactly what she needs to combat her diabetes.


Cat Food Fanatic

Mary had been eating dry cat snacks for years but her addiction has now evolved into eating wet cat food, her husband worries about her health but Mary has been eating her cat’s food for years now and argues that “I have never got sick, so there is nothing wrong with it”. She eats cat food for up to 12 hours of her day.


Plastic Eater

Kailyn from California is only 18 years old, but she eats a huge amount of plastic objects every day and even chooses it over food. She has been eating plastic for years and has consumed 12 remotes, 5000 plastic beads, 1000 cocktail swords, 800 forks, 10 water bottles, 2 baby’s pacifiers, 3 CD cases, 50 hangers and 25 plastic lids on to-go cups. She has eaten plastic every day for over 11 years.


Husband Eater

A woman struggles to cope with her husbands recent tragic passing. His cremated remains offer her comfort. She takes him everywhere and cooks the meals only he likes and watches the TV he likes, she even takes him shopping, to the grocery store, to the movies and out to eat. He goes every where she goes. She initially found comfort by having his ashes by her side, recently her addiction has grown, she now eats the remains of her cremated husband.


Rock Muncher

44 year old Teresa eats about two pounds of rocks each day and has no plans to give up her lifelong addiction. She takes rock with her everywhere she goes and eats them in front of everyone, she doubts that her body would be able to function without her rocks everyday.


Toilet Paper

34 year old Kesha has been eating up to half a roll of toilet paper a day since the 6th grade, she eats it in the car, in her bathroom and all around the house, she eats it anywhere that she can. Kesha loves eating toilet paper at the movie theater because no one can see her eating in the dark.


 Household Cleaner

Crystal has been eating household cleaner for more than 30 years, often times up to 10 times a day. Her addiction started thirty years ago. She describes the texture as grainy, she says its ‘just like eating sand’ and comforts her in a way.

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